Canada Immigration – Knowing About a Beach Paradise in Canada


British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada is rapidly becoming one of the best ever growing tourism hotspots in North America. The cause, like several other tourism places, is scenery. In BC you will discover high desert, mountains, long sandy beaches, lush tropical forest, vast glaciers and everything in the middle of.

You have almost certainly heard of British Colombia, but there is a fine chance that you have not listened about the province's fastest growing tourism destination Tofino. Located on the west shore of "Canada's Big Island", Tofino is home to lengthy sandy beaches, superlative hotels, restaurants, and some attractive good surfing as well.

Tofino achieved recognition in the early 90's when sorting in the region's old-growth forests turned many of the locals into action-taking ecologist. All of this media concentration visited visitors here – lots of visitors. These days more than one million tourists go through Tofino in a year. All of this community is crowded into a town with a constant population of about 1700.


These people are all coming here to experience the region's wonderful scenery and the long, sandy beaches. These visitors are typically the type of traveler that takes benefit of the amazing natural resources that flourish in the Clayoquot Sound region. Sea kayaking is very famous, as is surfing, walking the extended sandy beaches, and fishing for the giant salmon that abound in the near-shore waters.

Of all the places in BC to become a favorite tourism destination, it has to be one of the most likely. Located at the end of a distant peninsula, it is approximately comical that so many persons meet here on a yearly basis. But once you have arrived here and experienced the landscape, oceans cape and the comfortable coastal way of life, you'll probably be planning your next trip back before you leave.

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